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Trinidad, Colorado's premier self-serve storage facility was created in 1986 and dubbed KISS Self Storage by Matt Urlacher and his sons at 2429 E. Main Street. The new facility had but a single 30'x150' steel building in the complex.

As the city grew and the need for self storage space increased a second complex with two buildings was installed at 2302 Freedom Road at the corner of Fisher Peak Ave in 1991. The two facilities were later combined under a single managing entity known as "Trinidad Self Storage."

In 1997, two additional storage buildings were installed at the East Main Street complex just after the new Kit Carson Trail / HWY 350 Bypass was opened for traffic. In 2001 a third building was installed at the Freedom Road complex, bringing the total number of available units to over a hundred.

In 2002 the East Main Street facility was expanded yet again to incorporate a U-Haul dealership. Trinidad Self Storage, LLC, was established later in 2006 as the sole managing entity of both storage complexes.

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