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Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

Chapman Storage, LLC offers a variety of packaging solutions to help protect your possessions during transport and while in storage. With sturdy boxes and protection materials like bubble wrap and furniture covers, we can help you pack and move anything from books to china, kitchen stuff to bathroom items.

Chapman Storage, LLC makes it easier for you by offering different packaging supply sets. Take a moment to review and decide what works for you the best.


All sizes of boxes including file boxes for businesses, lamp and dish boxes and mirror boxes to secure your breakables and to give you a peace of mind.

Packaging Supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap, moving gloves, utility knife, tape, rope, packing paper and more.

Furniture Covers

All sizes of mattress covers, sofa and chair covers enable you to have a clean place to sit when you are done moving or storing your furniture.

And more...

Chapman Storage, LLC offers packing kits that come with various size combinations of boxes, packaging supplies and furniture covers to fit your specific needs.

Sales and Shipping Policy

Sorry, we do not offer our products for sale on our web site. All items are sold at our store and are 30-Day MBG. A 10% restocking fee may apply on some items. Orders generally ship within one (1) business day. In the rare event an item listed on our site is unavailable (not in stock), we may offer a refund, comparable or upgraded product option, or back order the item at no extra charge. Back ordered items generally ship within 3 to 5 days.

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